SOIR Data Workshop

The SOIR data and tools are freely available upon respect of the Data Usage Policy. To gain access to the data, please register. This will be done automatically by trying to download one of the data/tools files. This will also allow us to send you warnings when new data or updates are made available on this page.

In the following, you will find different files which you are free to download upon registration. They provide some usefull tools and macros written in MATLAB, a series of Calibration files (which can also be downloaded from the PSA server),and a series of presentations describing in detail the functioning of the instrument, how to retrieve data from the PSA, how to use the tools to plot and save the data, how to simulate a SOIR spectrum. This is helped by a series of exercises for which solutions are also provided.
  • SOIR_Matlab_tools
  • Tools to read/plot/save SOIR data, given as a series of MATLAB macros and GUI . The Zip File contains:
    • a sub-directory MATLAB containing all the MATLAB macros and GUI

  • Calibration data The Zip File contains:
    • a sub-directory CALIB, containing calibration files used in the exercises. All these files (including latest versions) can also be downloaded from the PSA site.
    • a sub-directory DATA containing the absorption cross sections of CO2 which are used in the exercises

  • SOIR_Archive
  • Some examples of SOIR spectra (level 1 and 2) which will be used in the exercises. All these files (including latest versions) can also be downloaded from the PSA site.

Download these three ZIP files, and deploy them in your working directory. Read the following presentations:
  • SOIR General description
  • A detailed description of how the instrument works, including the calibration of the instrument.
  • SOIR: the Take away message
  • The most important points to remember when analysing SOIR spectra.
  • SOIR Archive
  • A description of the SOIR archve to be found in the PSA - Level 1 and 2 - Description of the file structure and files' content.
  • SOIR Spectroscopy
  • A recap of which molecules can be obersved using SOIR.
  • SOIR Tools
  • A description of the tools provided for this tutorial.
Then try the different exercises. Normally you have all the required data and information in the different files provided for the tutorial.
  • SOIR Exrecises
  • A series of problems and exercises of increasing complexity: from searching the database for pre-selected observations to simulating a SOIR spectrum.
And finally, compare your results with the corrections: Please read the policy of SOIR data usage.


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