Repository of SOIR Tools

The SOIR team has developped a series of tools useful to read, view, plot and analyse the SOIR data. The description of the tools can be found here.

The SOIR data and tools are freely available upon respect of the Data Usage Policy. To gain access to the data, please register. This will be done automatically by trying to download one of the data/tools files. This will also allow us to send you warnings when new data or updates are made available on this page.

  • SOIR Wavenumber handling tool
  • Matlab GUI for handling wavenumbers, pixels and orders of the SOIR instrument. Allows the conversion of pixels to wavenumber and vice versa.

  • SOIR Data Overview tool
  • Matlab GUI for finding a specific occultation in the SOIR database. Possibility to search on order, latitude/longitude, local solar time, orbit number or data. The tool returns the list of possible occultations and allows easy and direct access to the plotting tool.

    To use this tool, the following data/files should be available:

  • SOIR Data Viewer tool
  • Matlab GUI for viewing SOIR spectra at Level 2 and 3.

    To use this tool, the following data/files should be available:

Please read the policy of SOIR data usage.


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