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Venus Monitoring Camera

Led by MPS, Katlenburg-Lindau , Germany

VMC is a wide-angle multi-channel camera that will be able to take images of the planet in the near infrared, ultraviolet and visible wavelengths. VMC will be able to make global images and will study the cloud dynamics and image the surface. In addition it will assist in the identification of phenomena seen by other instruments.

VMC (Venus Monitoring Camera) is a wide angle, multi-channel CCD camera that, using four narrow band filters, operates in the ultraviolet, visible and near infrared spectral ranges. VMC fulfils the following goals:

  • Perform support imaging (supply a global imaging context for data from the other instruments)
  • Facilitate the study of dynamic processes in the atmosphere of Venus by means of global, multi-channel imaging
  • Permit the study of the distribution of the unknown UV absorber at the cloud tops
  • Monitor the ultraviolet and visible wavelength airglow and its variability as a dynamic tracer
  • Map the surface brightness distribution and search for volcanic activity

In addition, VMC images and movies will make a significant contribution to the public outreach program.


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